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September 8, 2009


Dear ARFA participants, parents, coaches, venue host, media and administrative personnel:


As we have concluded the first ANDRE RISON FOOTBALL ACADEMY season I want to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who made it a huge success.  Establishing an Academy in a new area takes a lot of hard work and it takes parents, athletes, coaches, host facilities, media and everyone involved on the administrative end to allow this event to take place.  As you know, sports provide life-changing opportunities to youth and build a foundation for life.  So it is with sincere appreciation to everyone involved to allow the ARFA to reach the youth of America and teach the game at the highest level that can be taught.  I look forward to working with everyone again in the 2010 ARFA season.  The new ARFA schedule, with new venues, will be finalized in the next few months.  Phenomenal team rates are available at the Academy so I hope that you will consider ARFA as part of your 2010 training.  Join our mailing list to get the latest information about the Academy.


To mark ARFA inaugural year, we will be awarding the BAD MOON AND SPIDER MAN AWARDS.  These Elite awards are going to be given out to the TOP high school and youth football players, coaches and teams in the country by Andre Rison.  To make your nomination for these awards visit for more information.  I encourage all coaches to make nominations of their top players. 


Lastly, the new ANDRE RISON internet radio show will begin Nov. 5, 2009, broadcast LIVE every Thursday at 3pm PST and 6pm EST.  The radio show will include NFL coverage, celebrity guests along with a FEATURED HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER OF THE WEEK on the radio show.  To make nominations for the Top player of the week and to tune into the radio show visit




Andre Rison and the ARFA Staff



                               2010 ALL OUT WORLD TOUR

March 2010

March 6 -7 Glasgow/Edinburgh – Scotland

March 13-14 Manchester/Cheshire – England

March 20 – 21 London, England

March 24 Amsterdam, Holland

March 26 Copenhagen, Denmark

March 27 – 28 Hamburg


April 2010

2-3 Rodstock, Germany

6-7 Dresden

10-11 Berlin

13-14 Frankfort

16-17 Austria

20-21 Malmo, Sweden

24 -25 Helsinki, Finland

27-28 Stockholm, Sweden



 June 15-16 Raceland KY

June 20-26 WI

                 Austin, TX    Houston, TX    Dallas, TX  Flint, MI   Baltimore, MD

                San Diego , CA    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl    Johnstown, PA    Atlanta, GA



*To be added to the ARFA mailing list for information on Academy dates: please email



About The Academy:


The Andre Rison Football Academy is an elite Football Academy that teaches the fundamentals of football at the highest level that can be taught.  Coach Andre Rison believes that education and sports provide life-changing opportunities to youth and build a foundation for life.  Coach Rison stresses to the athletes across the country that education comes first.  To take your game to the next level athletes must first focus on their education.  The Academy includes both on and off the field instruction.  Participants should be prepared to learn about what it takes to become a better person, student athlete and football player.    


 For a camp near you or information on private sessions please use the email address below.



P.O. BOX 33513




Wow. !!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to get maximum exposure on your site. It is greatly appreciated, and it's something we don't take for granted. You are a great influence and inspiration to Cyree and when you took time out to personally talk to him one on one at Widner Univeristy and at TOP GUN, that meant the world to him. Cyree has always been a good kid but from your talk it re-enforced everything we were teaching him, and he took your words and applied them to everything he does ( time 2X ), not just on the field but in school and at home.

Thanks again for personally being a great influence to my son, and getting the word out about him athletically.

Craig Ames

I just want to Thank Andre for the encouragment and knowledge he gave my son Kelvin (Lucky) Wagner, Jr. last weekend at Football University . He was personable and told them like it was. My son is more confident and has better insight to the being a wide receiver because of Andre’s coaching. I really didn’t know much about him except for what you read but it is until you actually meet that person to realize never listen to the media. Andre Rison is a great guy and football player and Im glad my son was able to be in his presence even for that short period of time. Thanks again. Nikki Wagner Sicklerville, NJ


Andre, I just wanted to thank you for the instruction that you gave my son at the Atlanta FBU. My son Matt Price learned a lot and we plan on seeing you again in Nashville . You can never get enough when you are learning from one of the best. We look forward to more of the intense and personal training that you offered. I have read some of the comments by the other young men that attended FBU Atlanta and believe from a parent’s standpoint that these future stars are learning what they need to succeed from you. Thanks again and see you in Nashville ……Jim Price…..

Dear Andre,

This is Austin McClellan from FBU camp in Georgia. I was the #10. I was just wanting to email you about the experience i had as a wide receiver with you. I was coached like never before from one of the best in the game. I am looking forward to seeing you again in your camp and in the Top Gun. I would like to keep in touch and learn the game a little more to the best of my ability. I know you can be the one to help me accomplish my goal of becoming a great player on the field. I look forward to getting information on your camp, and on the Top Gun. Would like to here from you soon. Its a pleasure to work with one like you. Love you Dawg!!

Your Friend,                                                                                                                                             McClellan
Hey Coach Rison, Thank you so much for all your help at FBU. You taught me so much there. I liked how you coached me serious when it needed to be serious and we could also joke around. 
Thank you so much, DJ Mershman
Sup coach rison this patrick from Atlanta just letting u know tht I started my 500 pushup workout u asked my to do...Patman #9
Hey Coach,
I just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend in Atlanta.   I know I improved as a player and there is so much
I can take back and use on the field to help my team.  I want to thank you also for recommending me for Top Gun.
I am looking forward to working with you again.
-Chas Thomason (#70)  FBU Atlanta
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